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It was Founded in 1971, Crevier BMW, Santa Ana, California, which is BMW’s largest dealership in the United States. This is a brand owned by BMW, with approximately  8,000 to 10,000 annually, including God Vehicle. Sells 1,000 vehicles. Crevier BMW sells leases and services BMW Cars. The company offers new, pre-owned, and certified pre-owned automobiles. Crevier BMW also provides financing and maintenance services. Crevier BMW is exactly located in California. The architects and engineering descriptions for the video surveillance system describe an IP solution. Because its installation and cabling costs were significantly lower. In addition, the IP solution would reduce infrastructure costs and provide better management.

Customer Experience

At crabby at BMW they are dedicated to serving all of their automotive needs and providing the best customer experience possible they’ve been number one in the nation for three years in a row. There must be a reason we’ve made a commitment to treat everyone who visits them like family. They have one of the largest inventories in the country and have a loaner fleet of over 300 doors give our friendly staff at Crevier BMW a call to schedule a test drive.

No.1 Selling BMW

Crevier BMW

The Crevier BMW is the number one selling BMW center in the United States. There must be a reason they are conveniently located off the five and fifty-five freeway in the heart of Orange County just minutes from John Wayne Airport from their in-house Starbucks 350 service loners at your disposal. And state-of-the-art facility to a huge image come in to meet their friendly and attentive staff.

IP Solution

The Crevier BMW  compared the IP solution to traditional analog solutions. And found that there would be a difference of around 60 percent in costs. Primarily in the reduction of cabling costs for his campus environment. With an analog system, there would have been fiber costs, trenching, and other costs that were not necessary when using IP technology.

The IP solution included:

16 outdoor PTZ IP dome cameras,

8 stationary analog cameras,

Network Video Recorder Model V2215,

2 IP PTZ dome cameras inside,

As part of the first phase of the IP-based video surveillance system, 16 PTZ dome cameras were installed outside. The proposal featured materials and labor, and initially, the IP solution seemed to be more expensive but the labor balanced it all and not just for a few thousand dollars, there was actually a huge difference.

Crevier Significant Savings

The IP system gave Crevier significant savings compared to the traditional design. Especially since the IP solution did not require DVR. The cost of the IP camera hardware was a bit higher, but the Network Video Recorder (NVR) software could handle up to 64 cameras without a problem, And this is where they saw the huge savings of the Crevier BMW.

The installation used a standard Cat 5e cable and the design required a separate network for much of the video system to avoid overloading the data network.


One of the advantages of Infinova’s IP cameras was that they could select the camera through the camera from which they would get the camera. The system uses MPEG4 compression, which only records frame changes, so with a reasonably static image, very little data is recorded and transmitted. Reduces network utilization in the camera system to approximately 30%.

One of Infinova’s two indoor PTZ dome cameras watches over the BMW showroom. Another Infinova PTZ dome camera is used in the service entrance area this is because to verify vehicle damage and determine where it has occurred Because the installation was done on an existing network, an integrator with experience in data and security, Data Installers, Chino, California, was selected for the job.

“They did the installation of all the cameras and the laying of the cable and conduit for the three buildings,” says Edgar Estévez, co-owner of Data Installers. “It took a week, Eight people, six hours a day to complete the installation.”

This installation involves a security installer’s nightmare – voltage drop over long cable runs. STVs admitted, “They had a problem with the cat 5e distance in terms of power. At a distance of about “200 feet”, it began to fail, so They had to install a large gauge wire to power the cameras. They went to 16 gauge and it worked much better.


For car dealerships, where safety is a key element of the new monitoring system, quality control is at least as important. They need to know the exact location of each car, where it is going, and where it is coming from. And if the driver was allowed to move at that time. If there is a scratch in the car, a delay in preparation or maintenance, or any other problem, the crew BMW management needs to know when and why this happened. In the automotive business, it is about providing a high level of customer satisfaction.

Numerical Information

The cameras can capture numerical information from an identification tag that hangs from the rearview mirror of each vehicle. All cameras are recorded to the network video recorder through the Infinova VB2215 video management software. Then any authorized user can retrieve the information on their PC. The cost-effectiveness of this approach is another factor that motivated Crevier BMW to select an IP solution.

Infinova System

The Infinofa system covers the four facilities that make up a dealership. A total of 16 PTZ domes are installed in the main facility at the Cruver BMW, which includes the services department, new car sales, and administrative offices. additional cameras are located in a facility reserved for mini coopers and in another building that is considered a remote service facility.

Eight still cameras are traditional analog and run via a converter.

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