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Salsa Warbird Carbon GRX 810 gravel bike review 2021

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Salsa warbird

About Salsa Bike Warbird

I’m testing this the Salsa warbird the second generation of this race machine the warbird wasn’t salsa’s first gravel bike. It was surely the first performance-focused one and since then this bike kicked off a  whole number of competitors that are all designed to grade gravel fast, and in the case of chicken or egg. A number of gravel race events have hatched since this bird once ahead of its time. The warbird now seems like a fairly standard gravel bike it’s designed for riding long distances efficiently. As a bike designed to go places, it has plenty of mounts as mounts on the top tube down. The fork inside the main front triangle and at the rear stays of all the bikes. We’ve got on tests it’s the only one to include a  bidden cage and also this cool little pack that sits beneath It well.

Purpose Of Making Salsa Bike Warbird

Salsa warbird

Every bike can be made a race bike the warbird’s purpose is clear with low weight and a racy geometry. This Salsa Warbird is made to go fast with a lightweight carbon frame. This bike weighs eight point six three kilograms without control continental tires which makes it one of the lightest bikes.

After Testing Salsa Warbird

We have a test that shows a head angle of 70 points 75 degrees in race geometry in which the figures are quite short that you are used to seeing on a road bike. Also, the rear stays at 430mm, not exactly on the short side with 40k tires. This bike features a 71mm trail figure which is surprisingly long for the bike. Which is designed for racing and we suspect that this is something that caused. This will make it feel quite stable at a speed with droplets and unsteady strings. This motorcycle offers rooms up to 700 by 45 mm or 650 by 2-inch tires. Similarly, Salsa Warbird Carbon also comes in several models starting with the SRAM Apex version.

Salsa warbird

We have the Shimano GRX Group developing a GRX mechanical version at 99 40 GR mechanical. This bike is the 810 version with 11 tooth cassettes on the back and a subcompact crank on the front. In this case, you also chose the slightly ethnic version that gives you a 48-tooth large ring and 31 to 32 Swiss C1800. Aluminum wheel tubes are easy to install, while sulfur provides its own cockpit components, including cowboys. The deluxe handlebar is the same social wall for birds. Now it’s time to try it on local gravel. We’re here in Sedona, Arizona. Things have gotten a little colder and a little rainier, and we’ve finished testing the carbon version of Salsa Warbird.

 – James Review About Salsa Bike Warbird

You think of this bike Salsa, which was originally conceived as a warbird, and as if you were riding on it. Riding like a dirty Kansa motorcycle. When your eyes are bleeding, you run out of energy and you are like when you know 16 hours of your ride. And I would say they nailed it. Because I think this bike is a fairly smooth ride. You don’t know how to extend it like BMC or you know that Knight or MC are with their complete suspension but as far as hard motorcycles go. I thought the back end was very smooth.

Salsa warbird

I thought the front end was really smooth and the handling was very confident and very forgiving. But you almost know that it’s not really about turning to millimeter-HM, it’s like you want to go straight. . You see, the corner is coming right. I’ll probably start to turn a little bit. It just takes you to the corner that stays stable through it. But really when you’re down the power and as you say. You know that when you close your eyes this bike is something. You can just switch from it and don’t really have to worry about it. The race is another race bike that we are testing. ۔ This very bearing endurance gravel bike is no question. I mean, it’s not like you said.

Salsa were pioneers

I mean it is a kind of turn your brain off and goes. It’s the gravel bike on autopilot. Yeah, and you know it also pedals quite well and the chassis is pretty light carbon frame is pretty stiff it does go, When you want to go as long as you’re going straight yeah and all that makes perfect sense. because we’re salsa came from and we’re gravel came from salsa were pioneers. in this space where the early days of gravel are really about ultra-endurance riding going places very far distances where normally tarmac doesn’t exist and this is one of the first examples of a bike specifically designed for that and it’s stayed true through that.


What you didn’t like about this bike so I mean you talk about it being one of the smoothest totally tough motorcycles. You know about without any special That in the fancy pieces. I actually lay on it and it felt harder than I expected it to be. I was expecting it to be a little more comfortable than that maybe a little bit of a fixed box. Because you pushed the power forward and I don’t know if I was just expecting that It will be a little far. And it’s definitely more comfortable than the other race bikes.

Salsa warbird

We’ve tried but I was just expecting a little more thanks for the 27-point set-top and Salsa Warbird Fitted aluminum seat posts. So I’m sure there’s room for some comfort in this bike, but I don’t know if I was just expecting a little more friendly to forget to saddle your bike. When you check that the wrong is hurt the wrong friend is wrong. I thought it was very comforting I think you need to trust me to wait to think about Speck So much so that Shimano Grix and he did not complain about how the motorcycle braked. Performance was always on the spot. I think if you are buying a gravel bike and especially got the Shimano Grix at this level then this is the 8-10 generation that is working so the GRX definitely gives me no problem do not have.


It’s absolutely amazing that the workhorse stuff does this job really well. I did a little bit of work in the case of the aluminum seat post because I think it was an area that was definitely something more than that. Could get compliance. Nonsense I understand that they are trying to hit such a price at this price but with the 27 seat set, there is an area where you can get a lot of comforts, especially with a frame that is a little bit flattened. And you won’t find a thick-walled aluminum post with a large space.

Who is Dave for a motorcycle that doesn’t want to see his family for the time being? For someone who wants to do something on straight lines, such as a dirty bronze or Race Arus in the United States, this is really a machine designed for a person who likes to travel long distances efficiently. I would say that as much as I like this bike I want to see my family so it may not be a bike for me but it could be a bike for you. But if you compare salsa bikes with Fuji bikes then they are completely opposite of their comfortability zone.

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