An Unbiased View of Pivot Bikes-Full Review 2021

Pivot Bikes

Pivots’ Establishment

When we talk Pivot BikesSeveral years ago actually when pivot first launched, it’s a new shuttle for the first time in 2017. There was a small e-bike drive unit battery manufacturers also starting in Germany at the same time called “fazua”. They struck up a conversation and they supplied us a couple of motors batteries and their bottom bracket assemblies. And then they started working on a design. A couple of designs actually of what would be the best fit for this type of system. And after a lot of prototypes a lot of working with the system and a lot of development with them over the years.

Riding with pivot

Pivot Bikes

They fit to have the privilege of riding with pivot bikes. They brought to you a really cool program to help you in the off-season. They’ve broken it into two nine-week blocks, this is going to give you a really great base of general physical preparedness. And got three kinds of approaches throughout the week. They are going to be working on some strength elements and got some longer durations lighter workouts. And that comes in a variation a variety of movement durations. They’ve got just a regular straight-up what we call gpp workout all these are going to help provide you with a really sound base to help you ride better faster and stronger when it comes to the season.

Pivot Enduro Training Plan

Pivot bikes

The heart of every Pivot bike wants to enhance your riding experience. This winter, we’re doubling down on our commitment to your time on the bike by offering tools to prepare. Together with Pivot athlete and accomplished coach Chris Spealler, we invite you to train with pivot​. Their strength training guide consists of two 9-week blocks and balance riding days. This plan introduces shorter, harder workouts that teach your body to recover. This will allow you to Gain Three-Dimensional Strength. Prevent Injury and Be More Bullet Proof Build Power on the Bike. Train For Life Outside the Gym With minimal equipment, these workouts can be done at home. Whether your destination is the starting line at an Enduro race or a weekend adventure with your closest friends, well-rounded fitness takes you there.

The Racers Edge

Pivot bikes

In the right field, nothing is faster than a hardtail. And nothing offers a heavier weight ratio and a crude speed like the Peugeot LESL. The LESL is designed for ninth-degree handling, extreme power transfer, and weight delivery that converts every last watt of output into a race-winning performance.

Pick the Pivot Firebird 29 for Eliminator Trail

Pivot bikes

For the steep, and rugged terrain of the South Mountain Eliminator Trail, Pivot Bikes, Pivot rider Rob Drew rides the Firebird 29 for a combination of long-travel suspension. W-Link rowing performance, 29-inch wheels, and 29-inch wheels. Preferred to be Loose Geometry. He prefers the Firebird 29 on this trail with 170 millimeters of travel up front 162 in the rear. This bike is ready to take on anything you can throw its way with the addition of the clip chip on the rear suspension. It gives you the ability to adjust the ride height set up. The high-speed stability of this bike on steep fast rails with a super slack head angle 29-inch wheels this bike will roll.

Pivot Cycle Mach 5.5 Carbon

Pivot bikes

The new Mach 5.5 Carbon makes the well-known Mach 5.7 carbon legacy bike a precautionary trail. 140mm W-Link; with rear travel, it sticks to anything, with unparalleled pedaling performance. On the descent, the incredible Square oldness Hunting performance of the Fox 36 Fork with Mach 5.5 Carbon and 165mm travel aims to conquer the area that made the second bike a cone. It is a cycle that awaits you with subtlety. And the reason is that you are worshiping a smile on your own face. It is the Good quality of PIVOT BIKES.

Riding the Shuttle

Pivot bikes

They made it capable but only you can discover what makes riding the Shuttle. Pivot’s flagship e-mountain bike, something entirely personal. Whether it’s catching the sunrise or making the most of long days, Pivots’ family​ riders share why the Shuttle has become a part of their total mountain biking experience, not just in the backyard of their Southern Mountains, but all over the world.

Redefined Mountain bikes


The shuttle redefined mountain bikes with the help of electricity. Sleek, capable, beautifully sdesigned,  lightweight, with its engine and batteries perfectly integrated into its design. The shuttle introduced a whole new way of driving Pivot Bikes. Now the redesigned shuttle has the energy to take your ride further. An elegant carbon fiber chassis has the same elegant Shimano EP8 drive unit and a large number of 725 W batteries. The highly advanced DWLink suspension delivers progressive geometry. And the performance and handling of a muscular Fox 38 fork with non-suspended suspension. The shuttle has the power to take you where you want to go and offer you a lifelong journey and return.

What’s new with the 2020 Pivot Shuttle?


The look of the new shuttle is largely the same as its predecessor. And is still based on the high-quality all-carbon frame of the first-generation shuttle. The 2020 Shuttle is also powered by a Shimano STEPS E8000 motor and is powered by a 504 Wh external battery that is built into the frame. The battery and carrier plate can be removed from the frame by loosening eight screws. Pivot continues to screw in the battery as this is the only way to guarantee the necessary stiffness of the frame. A new feature is the quick release system, with which the battery can be removed from the backing plate easily and without tools.

Integrated Wheels

Pivot bikes

The 29 ”integrated wheels from DT Swiss are also new. As before, 27.5 “wheels can be fitted with a maximum tire width of up to 3”. Additionally, the Pivot Shuttle has been given an extra centimeter of spring travel upfront. So that it can now iron through stone fields with 160mm of spring travel upfront. Rear suspension travel is limited to 140mm.

Visually, the shuttle comes in muted colors. The Race XTR version is also available in blue but dispenses with neon yellow applications. The “cheapest” Team XT kit for € 7,899 is delivered in a discreet black color.

First ride on the bike

Pivot bikes

It’s finally time to launch the new bikes. All of you guys had a hand in riding and development. Even tuning of how they wanted the power to come on. One of my friends shared his first ride on the Pivot bike. ” I didn’t really know what to expect I’ve ridden the shuttle but it’s a completely different experience but the same excitement that you get on the shuttle. My favorite part of the ride experience was being able to put out a good amount of effort for longer than I could have on my regular road bike and it just makes you feel I told you it made me feel like super one boy so and it’s nice because you used to be a pro cyclist. And yeah I’m not there anymore by any means but you can still go.

Make you feel like you’re a kid again

Pivot bikes

It just becomes like you know this very enjoyable riding at you know race pace in certain group rides. And not having to be putting out the watts that I would normally have to be putting out to ride race pace so for me. I just had a blast you know riding the bike you know for the period of time I had it. I was actually a little upset when I had to give it back. And not ride it as much anymore but yeah for me just the overall ride experience was amazing. It kind of just you know the kind of make you feel like you’re a kid again when you’ve got on the Pivot bikes you know for that first time in quite a while you just have a big smile on your face and you get to ride a really sweet bike in the process.

Smooths out the ride

Pivot Bikes

I’m actually a really big fan of it. I kind of the same thing didn’t really know what to expect, the first time I got on it and there’s a lot of you know companies that claim to do a lot of certain things by isolating, you know road vibration and that sort of thing and one of the things I was most impressed about it was is it just smooths out the ride so much.

It’s not something that you know really notice until you kind of start. You know thinking about it a little bit more and you know kind of realizing the type of terrain. You’re on it you know just takes that a little bit of edge off you know rougher, tarmac, rougher gravel roads, Pivot bikes, the other nice thing that’s nice about it is. When you do kind of put the power down on rougher terrain a lot of times you know if you’re hitting rougher terrain you can kind of get bucked off the saddle and you kind of get you’re moving around a little bit more with this that isoflex.

Pivot Isoflex

Pivot Bikes

Basically isolates any of that road vibration and allows you to kind of keep that power transfer smooth and through the pedal stroke rather than losing it while you’re getting moved off the saddle. So it’s just another you know added you know complement to an overall really well-designed bikes. It just makes it ride you know even that much better so for me. I’m a firm believer in just the overall you know quality of the iso flex and how it adds to your knowledge the ride characteristics and the ride quality of the Pivot bikes.

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