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About MAX BMW Motorcycles

MAX BMW has the Biggest inventory of old Used and New BMW Motorcycles for sale in the US. From new models in every color and configuration to an unparalleled selection of used BMWs.They have the bike you’re looking for.

The Max BMW brand of motorbike dealerships and it’s truly become a recognizable brand within the northeast began in June 2002 with the first store in North Hampton, NH. . In early 2014, a fourth store was added to carry the Max BMW name in South Windsor, CT.

Owner mistakes

While owner Max Stratton jokes in the accompanying video that his biggest mistake in the last 15 years was opening that first store, Max company has become a destination, not just for new BMW purchases, but for the opportunity to see many vintage Beemers on display in the parking lots.

Unlike all other motorcycle brands. BMW owners often drive models that are 25, 30, 45, and even 50 years old. And the older BMWs in the Max BMW also display and sell. Exist. Dealers are also very interested in restoring and maintaining old machines in roadworthy conditions.

How to Place your Order

The Ordering of the  BMW motorcycle accessories and the other parts has never been easier. Their online parts catalogs feature parts diagrams for all modern and Classic BMW Motorcycles. You can place your order directly and it will proceed 3 days to delivery. They have over 45,000 parts in-stock and our Parts Express team processes and ships orders six days a week via UPS, FedEx, and USPS to meet your needs.

MAX BMW Motorcycles is the Northeast’s only special for  Motorcycle service Department. BMW certified technicians work efficiently to keep wage rates low and eliminate bulk inventory delays. Their Pick up and Delivery option make service easy and convenient! Their fleet of professionally-driven, enclosed service vans will pick up and deliver your motorcycle right to your home or office.


MAX BMW Motorcycles has LOW PRICES every day on tires for your BMW in the shop and online. Tire prices are up to 47% lower than retail so you can keep your motorcycle on the road and check your riding budget. They maintain a fresh stock of tires that are ready to ship to your home or that can be installed at any location.

MAX BMW has been serving motorcyclists around the world since 2002. Their community of customers and friends is the reason they work so hard to offer the biggest selection. the best prices, and the most expert service.

What about History ?

“You see them pulling in and out of the lot all day,” said Stratton over the weekend while taking an opportunity from supervising Burnout Day at the situation here. He said that BMW’s help in manufacturing, stocking, and distributing parts of such old models helps to preserve the brand’s history.

Max bmw

“It is very rare for a manufacturer to endorse such an old product. It’s pretty much unheard of. We’re always thankful that BMW supports the merchandise so these customers don’t need to feel bad about using the bikes a day.

MAX BMW Off-Road School

Max BMW Motorcycles
is proud to offer an off-road performance school at Hunter Mountain Resort. Located in the heart of the Catskills, Hunter is the perfect event location. It has many riding areas and areas created just for this school, a first-class hotel and spa, and easily accessible from anywhere in the Northeast.

Max bmw

 Driving your own dual-sport BMW, our two-day program is designed to maximize each rider’s skill on dirt, gravel, or other unpaved surfaces. Bill Conger, Max Stratton, and Ben Stratton (all graduates of the BMW Motorrad of Road Academy in Germany) will be the instructors at these schools.
Each day includes a full day of driving guide. The ride includes exercises in and around Hunter Mountain, dust, gravel, grass, and hiking.

In this course, they start with the basics like proper riding position and work through a progression of skills exercises to help you become more confident on your bike on different surfaces. They cover advanced topics like going up and down steep hills, overcoming obstacles, and recovery techniques for large bikes.

Cyclists will also be able to put their new skills to use on a dual-sport trip with the instructors. Passengers must wear COMPLETE protective gear, including helmets, gloves, riding jacket, riding pants, and boots that protect the ankles.

This course is intended for intermediate to advanced road cyclists. But you do not need to have previous experience in off-road or off-road riding.

To provide a personalized level of attention, class sizes are limited. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and reserve your spot in advance as their previous events have sold out.

Buyers reviews 2021


Outstanding sales and service!
Bought a bike…in and out in 15 minutes, unreal, unheard of, and undisputed.
Came back for the first service, a few hours later I was done, pricey but that’s the dealership’s cost.

The salesperson still answers my calls a month after the sale if I have questions.

@David Johnson
I bought some amazing BMW motorcycles over the last weekend. The bike I chose was a K1600B. I got off the Harley Street Glide, I wasn’t sure how I would fit in with the BMW, but I made the best decision when buying this new motorcycle. I worked shopping with Zack Valley, I was never pressured to buy this motorcycle. The Max BMW will be one of my favorite places because the staff is so friendly and willing to help, whether you’re shopping for a motorcycle, accessories, or just talking about shopping. AAA +++ transaction thanks guys!

@Herdy M
My 1993 K75s, had all the parts I needed in Stock for a 27-year-old bike. I got shorted 1 Qt of oil on my mail order and NO PROBLEM they sent it out the next day! Looking to do one of their Motor Clinics 🙂


Max BMW offers the best customer service I have ever experienced! The online parts catalog is fantastic, the staff on the phone are very helpful and the prices for BMW bikes are the lowest. Consider me a loyal and very satisfied customer for life!

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