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Kona Bikes

Kona is an American bicycle company and was established in 1988, with offices in Ferndale, Washington, and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Early Days of Kona Bikes

In the early years, the duo worked with Joe Murray to create custom steel rigs, but they had a deep connection to the North Shore progressive bike scene. As North Shore biking evolved, Kona Bikes evolved with it, building bikes for riders who were pushing the limits of mountain biking.

Kona continues to manufacture downhill, all-mountain, trail, and cross-country bikes, in addition to the road, cyclo-cross, and commuter models. Kona built the first “freeride” bikes that had triple chainrings and robust, durable frames with Five inches of travel. The result was a bicycle that could be pedaled up a mountain, but just as easily detached itself from a gigantic wooden ladder bridge. Kona Bikes was the first production company to introduce a sloped top tube design on a mountain bike, which helped lengthen the cabin and lower the center of gravity; “Low and limp” has been Kona’s mantra from the beginning.

Iconic Status

Kona, as a company, is a bit of a wild venture that in many ways defies expectations. It is an instantly recognizable global brand but still owned by the original founders. It’s a brand that grew out of a grassroots driving style in British Columbia in the late 1980. But had international sales and manufacturing early on. Kona Bikes is not a huge entity compared to other global bicycle brands, but it does enjoy iconic status. They are better known as a “freeride” bike company but have been making road and cross bikes from the beginning. And their city bikes are some of the most interesting and practical options out there. The surprises go on and on, but all of that is part of the Kona charm.

Kona continues to manufacture downhill, all-mountain, trail, and cross-country bikes, in addition to the road, cyclo-cross, and commuter models. Kona makes mountain bikes for the thrill of adventure and because they take you to incredible places. Kona’s has bikes to do it all in any circumstance, from downhill to dirt jump, cross country to trial cruising, enduro and all-mountain to just explore and get lost. Kona Bikes takes inspiration from its backyard, where bikes like the Honzo were first developed. A line that has expanded into carbon, aluminum, steel, and titanium. Born on the trails of the Pacific Northwest, Kona mountain bikes are designed to explore and expand your idea of ​​what is possible. If we compare Kona Bikes Vs Pivot Bikes then there are a lot of different features.

Modern innovation

While the Kona bikes headquarters has moved from Vancouver to Washington, the brand’s design approach hasn’t changed much over the years. He’s still obsessed with building progressive mountain bikes meant to evolve with the sport. And he’s delving into his alternative vision of road cycling (see ya, Free). In 2017, it unveiled a popular platform process, which enabled trail bikes to ride with state-of-the-art, rigid suspension. Speaking of suspension, the brand focuses more on reliable performance than tricky joints (hint: these are oversized bearings). And Kona is building bikes that cater to riders on opposite ends of the spectrum who are generally ignored: kids and riders over 200 pounds.

Kona Bikes Models

While Kona is not the largest cycling company, it is surely not the smallest. And Kona’s skilled team of innovators continues to put the best of the cycling industry in the hands of professional cyclists and riders around the world. Take a look at our selection of Kona bikes and find out which one is right for you. There is an option for almost all types of cyclists, but these are some of the favorites.

Kona Free DL

Price: $ 3,999
The perfect bike for cyclists who want to run anywhere, on any road.

Kona bikes

It’s not like Kona to just build a road bike, that would be too narrow a definition. Instead, the newest model of it, the Libre, is a pavement bike that can also attack the dirt. This bike is built for adventure, with an SRAM Force 1 drivetrain that has a wide range of Easton EA70AX 700c gears and wheels. And that can handle the roughest roads (and some simple tracks) in your neighborhood. The Kona Bikes Verso Carbon Touring fork accepts multiple racks and fender options for carrying gear. And the geometry is borrowed from Sutra, a comfortable touring bike designed for all-day missions.

Kona rove

Price: $ 849
The right bike for a budget adventure

Kona Bikes

It’s easy to suspect a road bike under $ 1,000 claiming to be a “versatile” adventure machine, but with the Rove, it’s the truth. We fell in love with this gravel-friendly bike due to its stability at high speeds and its climbing abilities. The aluminum frame is heavy, safe, yet fast and designed for use, part of a 32-wheel drive and part of Schwalbe Delta Cruiser Plus tires. It’s an inexpensive bike that performs on any trail. And its tapered aluminum frame provides a clean aesthetic to fit a reliable Shimano Claris groupset.

Kona Super Jake

Price: $ 3,999
The right bike for: ‘dirt runners who want an intuitive, race-ready bike

Kona Bikes

Kona’s premier cyclocross racing bike, the Super Jake, is a rigid, compliant carbon bike that handles precisely through corners and looks great on your shoulder when racing over obstacles. It comes standard with SRAM Force 1 component and lightweight Easton EA70AX wheels and Vittoria Terreno Mix tires that reduce the work of the mud that frequents cross fields. The Super Jake is made for cross country racing, but it doesn’t feel strange on an all-day adventure ride. This is one of the reasons we won the Editor’s Choice Award and created the best list. Cyclocross. Bicycle 2018.

Kona Process 153 27.5

Price: $ 4,999
The right bike for enduro enthusiasts who want to ride twisted trails.

Kona Bikes

Another 2018 Editor’s Choice award winner, the Process 153 27.5 is an enduro machine that offers a lot for your money. The carbon frame, which is new for 2018, has aluminum mounts for durability. And is built around the Beamer suspension platform with 16omm front / 153mm rear travel. The SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain is full of life on the climbs and the Guide R brakes have proven to stop power in a pinch. Kona Bikes improved the pedaling prowess of the Process, but this bike is built for the sticky parts – rock gardens and jumps that cause problems for minor bikes.

Kona Hei Hei CR LD

Price: $ 4,699
The right bike for XC riders who get some air

Kona Bikes

Cross country and marathon races are getting stronger every year, and the Hei Hei CR LD is designed to handle the abuse. Kona’s Race Light carbon frame and 1×12-speed SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain combine to deliver a responsive, lightweight ride complemented by 120mm of travel at the front and 100mm at the rear. Because sometimes the fastest line in a race is also the most fun, this bike won’t stop you from hitting a drop, jumping off a rock, or taking the A line from the creek gap.

Kona Sutra

Price: $ 1,499
The right bike for: looking incredibly vintage on really long rides

Kona Bikes

Aesthetics matter, but appearance is not everything, which is what makes the Sutra so attractive. It’s a beautiful touring bike, with the kind of details that make you want to pedal through the wine country. But the tapered Chromoly frame also sets in with the features that make your tour of the wine country enjoyable, like fender flares with mudguards, bar-end shifters, a Shimano Deore triple chainring, and robust 700x40c tires. It comes equipped with a rear rack and space for a front rack and all sorts of options for additional cargo cages.

Kona Ute

Price: $ 1,499
Suitable for bikes: easily carry a large amount of gear

Kona Bikes

You could say it’s hard to get excited about a cargo bike, but only if you’ve never ridden the Ute. At 42 pounds, it’s one of the lightest cargo bikes available. And stylish details like the curvy Handplant bar and wooden deck at the rear give it instant street cruiser credit. It has options for additional panniers, seats, and footrests, making this bike as capable as a minivan. Do you want to transport children? Groceries? Watermelon Bricks This is the tool you need.

Kona Dew-E

Price: $ 3,299
The right bike for cyclists looking for pedaling assistance and simple functionality

Kona Bikes

Like most big bike manufacturers, Kona is flirting with electric assist bikes. He’s building an impressive line, and we love Dew-E, who made our list of the best electric bikes in 2018. It has the sleek look and simple lines of a classic touring bike, with some useful details to get you started, like fenders and built-in front and rear lights. But it’s the Bosch 400w motor that makes this bike a commuter’s dream, giving you just the right amount of assistance through the 9-speed transmission. And yes, we also like the support.

Kona CR operator

Price: $ 5,999
The right bike for cyclists who love to ride downhill trails

The Operator is a highly customizable downhill bike that was built to rest high on the podium. The bike has two positions: the longest increases the chainstay length by 15mm and the reach by 10mm, so you can adjust the machine to your needs. It comes standard with 29er wheels but can run 27.5 inches if you prefer. The frame is built with Kona bikes DH Carbon with aluminum chainstays and comes with an SRAM GX DH 7-speed drivetrain, a RockShox Boxxer World Cup fork (190mm travel) and RockShox Super Deluxe Coil RC World Cup rear suspension (195mm of travel). Go big, go fast.

Kona Honzo DL

Price: $ 1,999
The right bike for beginners and experts who want a hard rocker

Kona made a name for himself producing progressive rigs and still has a knack for that niche. RockShox Sektor RL fork, SRAM NX 11-speed drivetrain, and a low, baggy cab that takes a page from the process. strong. Kona Bikes manufactures eight models from the main storehouse, including those with carbon frames. This one is aluminum, which keeps the price low, helping it earn a spot on our list of the best hardtails of 2018.

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