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The Problem with Fuji Bikes that No one will Tell You-2021

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Fuji Bikes
Fuji Bikes

Fuji Bikes

Bicycle as one of the men transportation means in history never way from our daily life. Nowadays in the rapid development of science and technology. Bicycles are still the first most popular and environmentally friendly toys in sports and trouble in Tianjin, China. There is such a  bicycle manufacturer with new products and sales exceeding10  million vehicles leading the world in industrial-scale cost him to pursuing the trend of innovation and progress at Fuji bikes.

About Fuji Company

Fuji Bikes group was founded in 1992 as six production bases. After more than 20 years of development, the factory area amounts to 1 million six hundred and sixty-five thousand square meters. The employs about 10,000 people and has an anti output value of over 1  billion u.s. dollars per death are sold.

Fuji Bikes

In more than 50 countries and regions  around  the world and dozens of  international renowned Vasko brands have  established great OAM relationships  known as of world’s bicycle  manufacturers.

The Fuji Bikes group have a global leading production and delivery capacity skill and technology. and of us  aluminium smelting furnace and hydraulic.

Advantages During the  production and processing

The Kassadin system enable Fujji Bikes group  to have most advantages in the  production and processing of raw  materials and pipes. Such as lighter  metals the world’s largest aluminum  frame manufacturing plant with a vast  amount a directional hydraulic forming  machine.

Vertical pipe an extractor gasps call a mushy Hardwell the automation. Automatic  phosphate in life phosphate automatically welding and hyper sesame beabea.

Process Of Making Designing

Typing machine ensure the accuracy of parts advanced t46  heat treatment process ensure friend  strength height and steel frame  manufacturing center.

With more than automated equipment update to continue to promote fine production with a kernel  friend. Fork production capacity automated processing with top tube and down to automatic.

The  structure of a  nurse Lee automatic filling machine of  from four ilk copper Boride machine robot  welding all-round our efficient  guarantee. A productive quality and delivery date can make difference in market demand.

Fuji bikes

Fuji Bikes group has the largest in a most advanced production line of carbon fiber products. Their business in north China with the leading auto-open an auto million machine in the industry.

Working together  with world’s famous brands Fujji Bike group develops and produces  world-class carbon fiber frame and  materials.

The intelligent painting lies with large scale processing and independent R&amp D. Design capabilities are equipped with the industry-leading full-automatic service treatment line and it is committed to the R&D and use of a new environment of protection materials and processes. It can not only meet the demand of mass production but also meet the demand of mounted categories of decals.

To color water chest for printing vacuum CP  no coating diaphragm layers decals. And other production processes are at the leading level in the industry. Beauty machine to ensure the accuracy of the Bream Fuji Bikes group at first-class technology.

Environmental  Protection

It designs a new production capacity of more than 20 million vehicles commit all Cosmo knees from different markets in the world. For the operation concept of green environmental protection and sustainable development.

The Fuji group invested twenty million  US dollars to purchase environment protection equipment along with real-time online monitoring and management of environmental protection. 

Fuji bikes

Fuji Bike group has strong independent R&D  capabilities and testing capabilities. Since Fuji Bikes deGruy is bicycle sales exceeding ten million then investments in innovation.

Technology has become the focus of the Fuji Bikes group’s operation. In  2013 become the only technology center identified by the China Development and Reform Commission the Ministry of Science and Technology.

The  Ministry of Finance the General  Administration of Taxation and the general and administration of our customs in 2015 Fuji Bikes group testing lab passed the certification. The China national accreditation committee for qualification assessment. Which is the only enterprise lab in China’s bicycle industry that has worn this honor in  2018.

Fuji Bikes one is 79th among the top 100 line industry. And prices in  China with rend capacity rank is 67 in recent years. Fuji Bikes group has focused on upgrading and application and new materials such as alloy magnesium on bicycles.

The wider application of CNC processing has greatly increased the R&D and production capacity of spatial Schaben alloy and carbon fiber frame at present. It can produce in the thickness to zero  75 millimeter alloy tube and the weight is only about 800 gram.

A broad frame powerful independent developing the  capability of tooling is one of the Ramp.

Advantages of Fuji Bikes group it has industry-leading development capability for height and steel frame with different requirements. Special shape alloy frame with high-level requirements carbon frame with lightweight. And durable and ascender motor ii bike frame with comfort shock.


Fujita groups are  Indiana manufactory advantages are also reflected in a complete product line including kiss bike commuter bike mountain bike road bike track and bike forum bike.

All kinds of bike quality assurance come not only from production and innovation. And also from  Fuji Bikes group’s strong independent testing ability and strict quality standards.

Fuji Bikes group testing lab with a variety of industry and advanced testing equipment. Bicycle riding testing machine frame horizontal fatigue testing machine. Mosca fork fatigue testing machine  Quality Assurance also depends on tazza monitors.

Fuji Bikes group and many  well-known part manufacturers in the  industry have established strategy  cooperative relations to jauntily beauty  a solid foundation of quality assurance  system.

Fuji Bikes group has passed KS  Quality Systems certification in Korea’s GE certification in Japan ICT a  certification. In the United States, an ISO 9001 quality system certification successively can meet the requirements of factory inspections such as BSCI.

So that products can smoothly enter different countries and regions of the world. Stratham production delivery capacity advanced rant and testing capabilities. 

A strict quality assurance system and customer-oriented business mind make a  fuji to a group win great business with more than 40 were defense bicycle brands,  like specialized Bianchi Hugh Scott canon del GT shebeen Mongoose Panasonic mariachi Bridgestone Asahi-san linked to the one belt one road.

Logistic Ability

Fuji Bikes group has a great logistic ability base on the location of the baton Airport  Tianjin Airport and Tianjin seaport.  Convenient global logistics service capability. In 2019 fugitives in a factory started to worried and Cambodian victory. This Victory began to build and the production base of Fuji Grove become globalized.

Long turn introduction of the Atari and a build professional teams are the guarantees for the sustainable development of Fuji group. Fuji Bikes group creates valley by bicycle around the world. By bicycle and pass love and care by bicycle battle the independent brand of Fuji group. The core of the business mind brave is Fuji Bikes groves attitude towards enterprise growth active and the requirements of Fuji groves daily action transcend is a Fuji to scho of self-challenge technique.

And the result of Fuji group groves efforts to create liability is Fujita group’s commitment to society and customers.  Ernest is the fuji group’s insistence on brand and reputation. Fuji Bikes group is a worldwide bicycle manufacturer battle bicycle heavy riding enjoy life battle happy riding enjoy life.

Fuji bikes VS Pivot Bikes

Pivot bikes are also one of the Good brands in the USA. They have a large area of selling. you just need to know about Pivot bikes before buying any other Vehicle.

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